A popular & versatile Python documentation generator 📖

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A popular & versatile Python documentation generator 📖

Why GenDoc

GenDoc is a simple yet powerfull Python library, designed to be lightweight and produce intuitive documentation with a single command. Simply annotate your Python project with Docstrings and GenDoc will parse through and, using Abstract Syntax Trees, convert your documentation to Markdown - ready to be used in any project documentation.


GenDoc is available on PyPI as @http-samc/GenDoc, where it has over 60,000 downloads. It can be installed with pip:

pip3 install gendoc

The project is also open sourced on GitHub at @http-samc/GenDoc.


In your terminal, simply run:

gendoc <flags>

Flags are optional, and a full list can be found here. It's reccommended that you set up a git hook or something similar to run GenDoc and update your documentation for you automatically.

What I Learned

This was the first CLI package I made with Python, so it was also my first time using argparse. Though I could've gone a different direction with this project, I'm glad I limited my library usage to the out-of-the-box libraries that come with Python. There are already other documentation generators like Sphinx, but I think the fact that Gendoc is so straightforward is what makes it stand out.


For some real-world examples, check out @http-samc/Cut It's documentation, @http-samc/Tabroom-API's project reference, and @http-samc/'s module documentation, which are all built using GenDoc.

Current Usage

GenDoc has over 60,000 installs on PyPI.