• May 2020 - Present: Psychoanalysis of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic Across Demographics in Pune, India (Samarth Chitgopekar, Abhishek Dhede, et al.), JPF and Carnegie Mellon University.

  • February 2022: Analyzing Gender & Performance In Competitive Environments With Machine Learning: A High School Debate Case Study (Samarth Chitgopekar), available on SSRN.

  • June - August 2022: QuarkNet Intern at Fermi National Labratory researching under Dr. Stoyan Stoynev in the Magnet Systems Department of the Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology Division.

    • Novel and Performant Quench Analysis Tools for Superconducting Magnets (Samarth Chitgopekar, Shreekar Earanti, Dr. Stoyan Stoynev).